Tips for getting pieces of fruits

How To Get Pieces of Fruits?

1. Login multiple times a day to get pieces of fruits from Daily Gift

The Daily Gift gives you random rewards according to your login times every day. The system will automatically reset to another gift within 4 hours, it means each day can have a variation of rewards. Each time, you can earn up 10 pieces of any fruits.

2. Complete Daily Quest

As you know, Fruit Target has a rich quest system and not limited, Fruit Hunters will receive many rewards after completing tasks. It is which can be Gold and Honey to open the Apple Chest (including pieces of fruits). The more quest you complete, the more fruits of pieces you get.

3. Complete Combos in Play Now

A huge source of gold you can find from here! This shooting mode will provide you 3 combos to choose which are Free Combo, Hidden Combo & Combo Quest. Each combo has its own characteristics. If you are looking to claim gold as much as possible, playing Hidden Combo and Combo Quest is the faster way, especially in Combo Quest. It is important that you can play comfortably without time limit.

a. Free Combo

Just shoot fruits as much as you can.

b. Hidden Combo

Completing one of the five chains but the quests aren't showing up on the screen.

c. Combo Quest

The quests consist of five types of fruits which are placed below the banana leaves.

4. Play in Arena

The fastest way to find gold is to play in Arena but you have to be a winner in each battle. Whenever you win the battle, a Arena Chest will be given according to your current Arena Rank, then you can earn up to 2 pieces of any fruits! Moreover, the winner will receive Crowns to open the Apple Chest outside Arena.

5. Request from friends in the Tribe

By joining any Tribes, you can request any pieces of fruits what you need to craft into your own tribe. All of members in the tribe will donate you anytime. It’s not that much but the more friends the merrier.

6. Buy in Daily Deals

This is the best place where Fruit Hunters can find Pieces of Fruits need to craft Special Items. You surely get many great daily offers from here!

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