Level Up Fast


In Fruit Target, Level is also important besides Arena Rank cause if you want to change your weapon for shooting, you definitely need the higher level. In order to level up, you surely need experience point. So, we’ll give you guys some tips for getting experience point to level up fast. Find out!

1. Play in Play Now

You might be thought that had not a lot of things while playing in Play Now mode but this is a very main sourse and easiest way to earn experience point. The longer shooting time, the more experience you gain. Especially there will have two special combos for you focus on your shoots to get more experience point.

2. Play in Arena

If you want to play in the more tense shooting but still can gain a lot EXP, playing in Arena battle is the best choice. For getting EXP point in Arena, the result is not important, you obviously get it anyway. Winning is great, you get more for sure but if you lose, you get less.

3. Daily Quests

Completing Daily Quests will gain your EXP point from Chest rewards. Chest rewards depends on your current Arena Rank. You’ll get more EXP as you get into a higher Arena. Quests are available for you there. So make sure to complete quests to open those chest everyday.

Fruit Target