Weapons System

Make the real difference to your performance in Fruit Target!

In Fruit Target world, it’s really hard to be a Fruit Hunting Star. But it will be easier when got owned the best weapon. Obviously, the weapons available in Fruit Targetwill make your shooting more exactly & effective and increase your chances of winning. Surely, all things being equal, whoever has the better weapon in any given encounter in the game is going to win the fight.

Starting with the weakest and ending with the strongest, here's what you need to know about weapons collection in the game:


Real man needs a knife!
Hit only one target Light Fast 5 0


No hunter without spear!
Hit the target then have a chance to reach the next objects on its way Normal Fast 7 5

3. AXE

Weapon from the God of mountain to ancient warriors!
Hit the target then impact the surrounding objects in a certain range Heavy Slow 15 15


Weapon of ancient Gods!
Hit and follow the aimed target Strong Slow 15 15

So, what weapons do you want to keep a particular eye out for?

Fruit Target