Unlocking Locked Chests

New Feature Update

Be renewed from the previous chest system of Fruit Target, this newest feature will definitely make you feel tougher in conquering your journey, but the challenge makes you so much stronger! In common, all that you have is of course the deserved rewards. Fruit Hunters, be patient!

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How it works

It’s started from winning the arena battles, Fruit Hunters are still awarded with different kinds of chests as before but without opening them immediately. So, then how? That is to have to wait for a set amount of time before unlocking them. Naturally, the chests based on the their value and correspond to a different time amount for unlocking, and the opening time of each chest is cooled down before being opened as soon as you click it. Further, you just be allowed to open another chest after completing the current locked chest. However, the chest rewards can be unlocked immediately if you own the Golden Key, each one is counted as 2 hours. You can gain the Golden Key in Gacha Watermelon and Gold Purchases.

In case, all chest slots are full and no chest has been opened yet, you won’t be received the next chest rewards from arena.

The rewards

By tapping on each chest, their own contents and rewards are shown up but randomly things. Remember that all of these chest rewards aren’t based on your current arena rank.

Below is a listing of every chest you’ll find, please take a look on their inside!

ChestGoldFruit PiecesWoodStoneIron
Apple Chest 4000-4,500 2 Random Pieces 10-13 1-2 1-2
Wooden Chest 5000-5,500 3 Random Pieces 23-35 3-5 1-2
Ice Chest 6000-6,500 4 Random Pieces 60-75 4-6 2-5
Bone Chest 8000-8,500 5 Random Pieces 85-105 5-10 3-5
Legendary Chest 10000-10,500 6 Random Pieces 100-120 10-15 5-7

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