Unlocking Golden Fruits


Anew fruit target which is only available in Fruity Hunt mode, allows Fruit Hunters to earn more gold by hitting them.

Fruit Target brings 6 type of golden fruits which are Golden Strawberry, Golden Apple, Golden Starfruit, Golden Dragonfruit, Golden Pomelo and Golden Coconut. Their appearance based on the milestone of level and the number of shots required by those fruits. For example, your current level is level 3, after finishing 20 strawberry shots; a Golden Strawberry will be displayed immediately and then you get 1,000 gold by hitting it. (Check it out for more details below!)

For sure, if you reach the higher levels (from 15 or more), you’ll get more option for shooting golden fruits.

Unlocked Golden FruitsLevelFruit ShotsReceived Gold
Golden Strawberry 2, 3, 4 20 Strawberrys 1,000
Golden Apple 2, 3, 4 20 Apples 2,000
Golden Starfruit 5, 6 15 Starfruits 3,000
Golden Dragonfruit 7, 9 10 Dragonfruits 4,000
Golden Pomelo 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 10 Pomelos 5,000
Golden Coconut 15 or more 10 Coconuts 6,000

Fruit Target