Special Items System

What's Special Items in Fruit Target? How do you use them? Find out here!

Shooting is the main skill but not enough, these special items will be your must-have stuff that helping you win the battle. Have you ever think fruit could help you on battle? Tomato, starfruit, strawberry and much more are soft fruit but in this game, they become the useful abilities which could be used to destroy the opponent.

Special Items

All these Special Items are random drops by shooting in Freemode and creating in laboratory.

Special ItemsItems EffectDurationCooldown
Frozenmelon Freeze opponent for a while 5 sec 100 sec
Turmato Slow 50% opponent's attack speed 10 sec 90 sec
Banasliper Reduce 30% opponent's accuracy 10 sec 90 sec
Lemon Bubble Blind the opponent 7 sec 100 sec
Berryrocket Increase 50% your attack speed 15 sec 90 sec
Dragonglass Increase 30% your attack accuracy 15 sec 90 sec
Luckystar +1 Crown in Arena when you win a Combo 20 sec 100 sec

How To Get Special Items?

Getting these types of Special Items, players need to play all of shooting modes or experience features in Fruit Target and several ways to get it for free. Some of them are easy and some are just a matter of time. Others are more of a challenge. However, if you want to get them faster, just have go to store and buy it!

Materials for making them include pieces of fruit and gold. To get a Special Items, you simply have to reach the required number of pieces of fruit and gold. Firstly, your task is to find enough pieces of fruit for the craft. Then just use gold to complete the special item which you need. Please take a look for more details!

1. Materials Creation

Special ItemsPiecesGold
Frozenmelon 10 Watermelon Piece 2000 Gold
Turmato 15 Tomato Piece 1000 Gold
Banasliper 15 Banana Peel 1000 Gold
Lemon Bubble 20 Lemon Piece 1500 Gold
Berryrocket 15 Strawberry Piece 1000 Gold
Dragonglass 15 Dragonfruit Piece 1000 Gold
Luckystar 20 Starfruit Slice 3000 Gold

2. Creation Process

Step 1: The plus sign icon will show up in the Item, it means that you got enough the required number of pieces of fruit to create it.

Step 2: After clicking on that Item which you want to create, its information box will display. Just focus on the creation column, remember check again your gold needed to create.

Step 3:Just click "Create" button and you got it!

Upgrade Special Items

The upgrade is another of the new Special Items that can used to get more powerful by shooting and get you win. There are two things to keep in mind when upgrading items:

    • You must use an item according to the required number of times.
    • Check your gold needed to upgrade.

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