Social Land


1. About The Tribe of us – A Community

- A place where Fruit Hunters gather as a large group and fight together to competing ranking with other Tribes.

- Giving and receiving help from tribemates.

- Chatting, interacting & making friends besides sharing your shooting fruits experience.

- Tribes can have up to 50 members.

- Tribes rankings will be determined based on the total number of feathers’s members.

2. Starting a Tribe

a. Creating a Tribe

- Once the tribe is created, the creator automatically becomes the leader of the tribe.

- Using 50,000 gold for creating a tribe.

- Putting the tribe name.

- Choosing the tribe bagde icon.

- Writing the tribe description.

- Setting the type of tribe, including:

  • Open: Any player can join this tribes without any acceptance from others.
  • Close: Can’t see, search and join this tribe; just can be invited from others.
  • Invition: Allow all players to join this tribe but have to wait for being accepted from its members and also being rejected from them.

- Choosing a region for the tribe.

b. Join other Tribes

- Searching for the name of any tribe.

- The suggest list of tribes will be showed up for you to choose and click “Join” button which you want. Additionally, you can see first all info of any tribe by clicking on the blue button besides before making decision.

c. Requests & Donations from other tribemates

- While in a Tribe, you are able to donate and request Pieces of Fruits to tribemates.

- For donations:

  • The number of pieces of fruits per request & per day for donating others depends on your current Arena Rank.
  • You can only donate a kind of pieces of fruits once.
  • You’ll receive EXP & Gold for each turn donated.

- For requests:

  • You can only request a kind of pieces of fruits of your choosing once.
  • You get more donations as you get into a higher Arena.
  • The number of pieces of fruits per time for requesting others depends on your current Arena Rank.
  • Donation notification will be sent to you when your request is successful and some helped you.
  • Time existence of a request is 7 hours and new one will be reset after that.

d. Feathers & Rankings

- Tribe Rankings will depends on the number of feathers all members earned.

- The more feather, the higher tribe rankings.

e. Tribe roles

- There are 3 difference roles in a tribe: Leader, Elder & Members.

  • The Leader who created a tribe and have the most authority in the tribe; they can demote themselve while promoting anyone else to be leader, can also kick and demote everyone no matter what their role is. They’ll send messages to everyone through mailbox.
  • Elders are behind the leader who can kick members, reject/accept requirement of players.
  • Members have no roles in a tribe, they can’t do nothing unless promoted by the leader.

- All members can leave a tribe anytime, but they must wait for the next 12 hours to join the new tribe. If the leader leave the tribe, their promotion will be given to elders.

- The case for having no anyone within a trive, it will be cancelled.

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