Opening 7-Days Login Rewards


The 7 Days login rewards is a new renewal from the previous daily bonus system, allows Fruit Hunters to get more rewards by logging within 7 days continuously.

The day 7 reward is the most valuable thing but only if you have to do it constantly. After earning the day 7 reward, the rewards will started over the next day with day 1.

Make sure you don’t miss any days of login during the 7 days chain, if you want items to help you on your fruit hunting journey. Because some of the rare items can’t get back.

After claim once a day, the next reward will be displayed in advance in order to remind you to login in the next day.

See what the rewards are below!

DayThe Current RewardsThe Next Rewards
1 10,000 - 20,000 Gold x2 Random Skills
2 Random skills Random Wood or Stone items
3 12-16 Wood items Random x2 skills or 30,000 Gold
4 Random skills x3 random skills or 17 Wood items
5 8-10 Stone items Random Wood or Stone items
6 20,000 – 30,000 Gold Random Stone items or 40,000 Gold
7 10 Iron items or 20 Stone items Random Iron, Stone or Wood items

Fruit Target