Daily Quests System

We’ve all heard about Daily Quests of Fruit Target?

Read on, we’ll show explain all!

Daily Quests is a feature in Fruit Target in which players complete in-game tasks to receive rewards. Fruit Target has an rich mission system and not limited, each player can get many taks at a time, the longer the online time and the more completed quests, the more rewards you get. Especially, the players can replace once with a new if they so desire by touching the button besides, new ones will be available within 24 hours.

Some of Quests featured into Daily Quests include:

  • Play in Play Now
  • Use Special Items in Arena
  • Collect Pieces of Fruits
  • Collect the Hidden Combo
  • ...

Upon completing a Quest, the players will receive rewards which can be any of the following: free Gold & Honey to open the Chest. The Chest reward will depends on your current Arena Rank.

Just fun to play, you certainly be interested and not feel tense during the shooting for Fruit Hunters!

Fruit Target