Arena Ranks

Higher Arena Ranks give bigger rewards!

There are all 12 regular Ranks and an extra Rank (Legendary Rank) to challenge for fruit hunters into Arena of Fruit. New players start at rank 1 after completing the tutorial. The best player will reach to the final rank: Legendary Rank and is called Legendary Fruit Hunter of Fruit Target world. Each rank required the different challenge, but certainly the higher arena rank, the bigger rewards.

Continue finding out what it is included!

1. Feathers

Feathers are the main item to unlock arena. You can gain or either lose them by wining or losing battles. Let’s check it out below for the required number of feathers for each arena rank. But for beginners, you’ll reach to arena 1 after completing the tutorial and don’t need to earn feathers.

The number of feathers you get or lose is based on how much more and how much less feathers the opponent has to compared. If the opponent has more feathers, you will lose less feathers, and vice versa. But … if you lose the match, your current feathers will be subtracted a few based on the ranking distance between you and the opponent.

2. Slot of Special Items

Each milestone rank has its own slot that allowed you bring into battles. The bigger the number, the more the slot. Find out more for below!

3. Chests

The chests are the main point to determine how many your rewards are received. The rewards are corresponding to each milestone rank and the values of each chest which can be gold resource, EXP, pieces of fruits.

In common, it depends on your shooting skills, experiences and also how your bravery is. Be a hero, find out first!

Arena RanksSlot of ItemsChest rewardsArena unlocks
Arena 1 2 Apple Chest Unlock after completing tutorial
Arena 2 2 Apple Chest 400
Arena 3 2 Apple Chest 800
Arena 4 3 Wooden Chest 1100
Arena 5 3 Wooden Chest 1400
Arena 6 3 Wooden Chest 1700
Arena 7 4 Ice Chest 2000
Arena 8 4 Ice Chest 2300
Arena 9 4 Ice Chest 2600
Arena 10 5 Bone Chest 3000
Arena 11 5 Bone Chest 3400
Arena 12 5 Bone Chest 3800
Legendary Arena 5 Legendary Chest 4000

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